We offer our clients legal counsel related to securing all kinds of financial assets as well as on the restructuring of financial obligations. The key issue at work in finance law is the handling of relations between lenders and borrowers, which is inseparably related to providing advice on the payment of securitization-related instruments, such as pledges, sureties, bills of exchange and similar. This also includes legal representation in disputes related to bills of exchange as well as legal representation in judicial and extrajudicial procedures for the enforcement of claims or defence against unfounded claims by third persons.

Experts in the field of finance law:


Our offices are located in the city center of Ljubljana.
The direct proximity of all important judicial, administrative and other institutions enables us to effectively enforce the interests of our clients.

Odvetniška družba Podjed, Kahne in partnerji o.p. – d.o.o.
Štefanova ulica 13A
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija

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